Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good times, goodbyes, and new beginnings!

It's nearing that time again--the day I'll be boarding another plane back to Alaska. I've had a good, long run here in Kentucky, though, and I've loved every minute of it. I arrived on September 10th and my flight leaves on February 6th. Five months! And although I'll always be grateful for these special months spent in the company of my daughter and her husband and my three precious grandsons, it's time for me to let them have their house back to themselves.

I was able to share Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (and all the preparation and celebrations those occasions entail) with my family down here. The day before I leave, we'll be celebrating my middle grandson's 8th birthday, so we'll be ending the visit with another memorable occasion. I hope I've been a healthy, happy, nurturing, and inspirational influence on my grandchildren during this visit, as well as a help to Dennae and Richie. I appreciate their putting up with me for all this time and hope I'll be welcome to visit again! I love you guys.

Then in June, I'll be heading to Michigan in time for the birth of my 5th grandson! My oldest child and his wife are expecting their second child--and it's a boy! He'll be joining his big brother who will be four in August. Good times! And there will be news from Alaska soon... stay tuned for further developments.

Finally, I'm excited to announce that the first installment of my six-part children's series for Echelon Press will be published on March 1st! I've been asked to keep a lid on the details, but soon....

Until the next time...