Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blessing upon blessing...

Few things are as exciting as the birth of a child, and when that baby is your grandson, it’s doubly thrilling. I arrived in Detroit, Michigan, from Anchorage, Alaska, early on the evening of Thursday, May 26th. After a joyous reunion with my son, Derek, my very pregnant daughter-in-law, Renee, and my 3-year-old grandson, Tyler, we settled in to wait for the arrival of their second son (and my fifth grandson).

Adam Dennis Gordon was born on Tuesday, June 1st, at 9:16 p.m. He weighed nine pounds, six ounces, and was a whopping 22 inches long! Although mom was in labor for close to nine hours, he gave her little trouble once he got down to business. As you might imagine, he’s beautiful. He arrived sporting a full head of dark hair (just as Tyler did) and was perfect in every way. He passed all his tests with flying colors and was on his way home by Friday.

Since he’s been home, I’ve taken every opportunity to cuddle, kiss, love, and hug him, as well as exclaim over, encourage, praise, and explain things about life, the rest of his family, and Grandma to him. He’s been remarkably receptive and has very politely limited his inattention to a few instances of nodding off completely or screaming his lungs out for a meal. I can’t blame him for either. I don’t suppose I’m the most interesting conversationalist in the world (particularly in the still-working-on-focusing-eyes of a six-day-old baby) and hearing how incredibly perfect one is might become tiring after a time. Nevertheless, I keep on telling him. I comfort myself by believing he’ll miss my jabberings when I’m gone.

I’ll be returning to Alaska on Friday, June 10th, completing a visit that allowed me to be at the birth of my new grandson, spend time with my slightly-less-new one, Tyler, and their parents, Derek and Renee, as well as my dad, sister and brother-in-law, nephew, and brother, and two dear friends. Once I get home, I’ll settle in to await the birth of my sixth grandchild in Alaska this coming October!

Life is good. God is good. Thank You, Lord, for granting me travel mercies, for bringing my grandson safely into this world, and for keeping all of us in the palm of Your mighty hand. With You, all is possible; without You, nothing is. Help me to remember that and to praise Your name always.

Until the next time…

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