Thursday, May 5, 2011

A little help from my friends...

I don't often write about my passion--writing--on this blog, although that's what its original purpose was to be. It's too easy to veer off on subjects that, without a doubt, influence my writing, but don't refer directly to the craft of writing.

However, today's entry will address a very important aspect of writing--the invaluable assistance, advice, and encouragement given to me by my writing friends. I wouldn't even be on this blog today if it weren't for the expertise and generosity of Bonnie Calhoun, technological genius. She helped guide through the seemingly impossible task of accessing my blogs after obtaining a second email address. Thanks, Bonnie, for your untiring help.

There are many others who have helped me along the way--far too many to mention by name--but without whose guidance I would still be in the starting block. From teaching, mentoring, editing, critiquing, encouraging and advising to hands-on technical assistance and pulling-my-fat-from-the-fire rescues, my writing friends are just as much a part of any success I might find as I am.

Of course, we know the true Author of any writing success--our Heavenly Father, without Whom none of us would know what we're doing or see any of the fruit of our work. He and He alone deserves the praise when we do well, but there are many wonderful folks out there who serve as His helpers!

I've been blessed with friends and colleagues who are as eager to help others as they are to find a home for their own work. I'm particularly fortunate to be a part of Terry Burns' client group (Terry's our agent extraordinaire from Hartline Literary Agency) and I've found so much more than a random group of writers who share an agent. We laugh, cry, lend a helping hand, congratulate, empathize, encourage, advise, and share praises, pain, and prayer.

Just a few years ago (and I'm dating myself here), writing was a solitary job. Submissions were made by snail mail; answers came the same way. Unless you knew someone personally and lived within driving distance of them, sharing writing experiences, critiquing, or even taking classes were difficult at best, impossible at worst. The advent of computers (wonder of wonders!) and then the Internet, complete with e-mail, changed all that. (Of course, they brought their own set of problems to the situation--see second paragraph above.)

I'm glad I happened to live during the transition from solitary writing to family-style writing. Not only has my writing improved, but my sanity's been maintained and my computer remains in one piece. (Thanks again, Bonnie!) Thanks, also, to everyone who's helped me along the way. I couldn't have done it without you.

Until the next time...

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