Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Excellent news!

My wonderful agent, Terry Burns of Hartline Literary Agency, has placed my Road's End series with Write Integrity Press! I'm blessed and honored to be a part of this wonderful publishing house, its employees, and its family of writers.

Just when I thought my three books (Misstep, Faux Pas, and Misjudge) would never see the light of a publishing day, it happened. And just as quickly, I was made comfortable by the welcoming words of editor Tracy Ruckman who made me feel right at home.

I'm not quite sure when Misstep will be published or how soon the other two books, Faux Pas and Misjudge, will follow. I'll let you know when those details are worked out. In the meantime, what I do know is that I'm happy, excited, and proud to be a part of the Write Integrity Press family.

The Road's End series tells the stories of Pastor Hugh Foster (former Air Force colonel and chaplain) and his wife Melanie and how they deal with the ornery, lovable, feuding, patriotic, and well-meaning, but sometimes inept citizens of Road's End, Virginia. I can guarantee lots of laughter, adventure, shenanigans, love, inspiration, and perhaps some tears along the way. Please join me on a hilarious and touching journey with the good (and crazy) folks of tiny Road's End. You won't be sorry.

And before I forget, once again I find myself thanking God for Terry Burns, agent extraordinaire!

Until the next time...


Sandy Singer said...

Congratulations. I'm rejoicing with you, Deb.

Deborah D. Harper said...

Thanks, Sandy! It's a wonderful feeling :-)


Normandie Fischer said...

So pleased for you!!!

Wade Webster said...

Congratulations Deb.
I knew you'd get published. It sounds like a fun series. Keep us updated as to when these books come out.

Deborah Dee Harper said...

Thanks so much, Normandie. I'm thrilled to pieces :-)


Deborah Dee Harper said...

Wade, thanks a million. I love writing this series and hope it can continue on for a long time. Time will tell (and God's will, of course), but I'm hoping!


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