Saturday, November 22, 2008

Settled in...

It's been several months since I've written anything here. We moved safely (albeit not without our problems) to Anchorage, Alaska, in early August. We're now living on Elmendorf Air Force Base in a beautiful home. My son-in-law has been in Korea for nearly three months now, so the clock is ticking on that year-long tour.

Winter sets in early up here and this year was no exception. Our daylight hours are limited now to about five per day and that will continue to decrease until the first day of winter. After that, it's all downhill to spring! It began snowing earlier this afternoon and is still coming down lightly. Although this wasn't the first snow of the season, it did come in time to cover up some of the dirty stuff along the side of the road. There are outdoor Christmas decorations appearing here and there on base and the new fallen snow is a beautiful, fresh backdrop to the glowing lights.

I'm afraid Christmas may be a lonely proposition this year for my daughter and me. With her husband in Korea and the rest of our loved ones living in Michigan, Kentucky, and Florida, we're looking at spending the holidays in a quiet way. I'm still looking for a church up here and I'm hoping to find one before the holidays. Perhaps I'll find some friends there who are interested in celebrating the birth of our Lord in our home. I'll keep praying.

Today is also my daughter's birthday! She was born on Thanksgiving Day and I can't think of anything I could be more thankful for than another precious child!

Until the next time...

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