Friday, March 20, 2009

Writing for the Soul

I've been in Anchorage, Alaska, for nearly eight months now and its beauty still astounds me. The mountains, now covered completely in white, surround the area and every time I look out a window here on Elmendorf Air Force Base, I'm reminded of God's great kindness in providing His children with all His natural creations. I don't suppose I'll ever grow accustomed to seeing towering mountain peaks, watching bald eagles as they soar overhead, or moose as they strip bare tree branches or wander slowly across the street and yards. Spring is coming and soon we'll be on the lookout for bears. While I wouldn't relish an up-close-and-personal encounter with one, I do hope I see several in their natural habitats (at a safe distance, of course) before I leave this state for good.

I attended the Writing for the Soul conference in Colorado Springs last month and it was phenomenal. Gathered together were writers from all parts of the United States--some from other countries--whose goal is to write for God's greater glory. I learned so much and enjoyed the company of my fellow Craftsman students once again. We were able to spend a lot of time with Jerry B. Jenkins and as usual, he was charming, funny, open, and extraordinarily helpful. That man is definitely devoted to the task of training Christian writers. We were also treated to an hour-long meeting (just the Craftsmen) with Karen Kingsbury, another great writer in the Christian genre. What a wonderful opportunity! I was fortunate in that several editors and an agent asked for my book proposal and first three chapters. I'll be sending that out to each of them shortly and will then begin the process of waiting for their responses.

I pray the Lord will guide me in writing what He would have me write. I count my blessings constantly and know that it's only through His goodness and mercy that I'm able to spend all my time writing. He has provided me with a loving home, fantastic children (and their spouses), and precious grandchildren--the least I can do is to honor Him with any skill He has given me to use while on earth.

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WordyKaren said...

Thanks, Deb, for visiting my blog. I'm reading yours too. How nice to hear from you. It was fun running into you in the rest room at the CWG conference. I hope you have a blessed summer of writing and relaxing. I have two new book contracts so I'll be busy--but happy to be so.

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