Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Looking back...

I'm in Michigan now--Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, to be precise--and having a wonderful time. My days have been spent in the company of my son, his wife, and my little grandson, my sister and her husband (with whom I'm staying at the moment), my niece and nephew and their husband and girlfriend, respectively, and a dear friend with whom I share a long, meaningful, and sometimes downright ridiculous history.

Karen drove up to Mt. Pleasant yesterday and we spent hours laughing, catching up on our current lives, reminiscing about our former lives (we're both divorced and spent many years as single moms), and sharing nuggets of wisdom we've acquired since we last saw one another this past April. There's nothing like admitting to an old, dear friend just how silly we were in our younger (more brilliant) years, talking about the things we would have done differently if we had half the wits back then that we have now, and congratulating one another on how well our kids turned out despite our poverty, lack of parenting skills, and hectic schedules during their formative years.

Some things never change and for that I'll be eternally grateful.

Until the next time...

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