Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Laughing with the Lord #5

Laughing with the Lord #5 

Welcome! A while ago I wrote about my standing in the rain to get pictures of a rainbow on the way to the school my granddaughter attends, then backing into a parking spot and stepping into five inches of icy water.

The view outside Molly's school

Apparently, I didn’t learn the first time around. Last week our area experienced its first snowfall (aside from the snow atop the mountains which has been falling for the past month). The roads were slick, and I was running late—again. I skidded into the parking lot and backed into a spot against that same incline. I dashed into the school, retrieved my granddaughter, and apologized profusely for being five minutes late. Just as we were about to get into the car, Molly stepped on a slab of ice, cracking it (five inches down, of course), fell to her knees, and in the process dragged me down with her. I performed a dandy geriatric tango/hip-hop/boogie routine and finally pirouetted into a full-fledged body spasm that must have resembled a cow being electrocuted.

I think it’s clear that God wants me to stop backing into parking spots, don’t you? It’ll be less entertaining for the other parents, but I must do what He wants me to do, even if it means depriving Him of a huge belly laugh once in a while. 

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