Sunday, July 29, 2007

God is in His heaven

Sometimes I need reminding that God is in His heaven and He knows precisely what He's doing. I'm ashamed of that; I should, by now, be perfectly aware of His presence, love and power. But when things go wrong, when I don't see things happening the way I think they should--even after I pray about them--sometimes I lose my way.

That happened this past week. It was a rough one, filled with disappointment and heartbreak. But time passed, as it has a way of doing, and this morning I am filled anew with the glory of God's presence. All the while I was moaning and groaning about things not "working out" as I thought they should, He was making things happen in the manner and along the timeline He decided on long ago. He had things in control all along. He knew what was best, despite my helpful suggestions, and thankfully, answered my prayers in a way I not only didn't expect, but never in my wildest dreams would have thought of on my own.

God is in control of our world and our lives--and I'm not. If anyone is reading this, those are two things for which you can be very, very grateful!

Until the next time...

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