Saturday, July 28, 2007


I finally got my picture posted near my name, even though the world isn't holding its breath, I'm sure, to catch a glimpse of me. To my knowledge, not a single soul has even glanced at this blog, let alone yearned for a photo of me. But still, I thought it would look more professional.

I don't think I'm adequately wired to handle technology problems, but I hate giving in to my ineptitude, so I work at it until I finally get something accomplished--even when it's not exactly what I wanted in the first place. At least it's better than nothing! When I worked in the superintendent's office of a mid-Michigan school district, we had a fully-staffed, highly-qualified team of IT staffers. They knew what they were doing and made me look good in the process of updating, backing up, and neutralizing all the messes I inadvertently created. Now that I'm on my own, the truth has reared its ugly little head--and it's busy blabbing that I don't know a thing about technology. Without FAQs, site help lines and relatives who know what they're doing, I'd still be scratching messages on cave walls.

Until the next time...


WordyKaren said...

Deb, thanks for writing and for letting me know your blog address. I love your photo. Glad you found out how to post it. I'm a bit tech challenged too, with regard to certain things, but I'm pushing through. I won't be defeated!! :-)

I'll be looking at your blog a couple of times a week. Thanks for looking at mine.


DustinHunterCannon said...

Your picture and plog page looks really good. Remember, if you ever need techno-help. Contact Richard at Hedges Interlink. He's great. Love you mom


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