Monday, January 17, 2011

A clean slate

Christmas is behind us and as are most folks about now, I'm ready for spring. Not that Alaska, or even Kentucky, where I am at the moment, don't abound with beauty during the winter time. They do--at least sporadically. But a little bit of snow and freezing temps go a long way and I reached my breaking point about three weeks ago.

I think if most of us had our way, the first day of spring would occur on December 26th. Fortunately, we don't have that perogative, for if we did, springtime would lose that special anticipation it holds for us year after year. Yes, the stretch between the day after Christmas and that perfect first day of spring (not the one on the calendar, but that true first day--the one we "know" is the harbinger of green grass and new flowers) seems an eternity. But isn't that what makes it so magical? Isn't that what makes that first sniff of newly-revealed dirt, the pristine air, or the hint of growth in the flowerbeds so enticing? Aren't the drab conditions of an overlong winter darkest just before the sparkling days of spring?

Fragrant grass, spring-green leaves, colorful flowers, unblemished beginnings. Spring heralds all things fresh and innovative, innocent and unblemished. It gives us all a chance at a new start. In the meantime, while the winds blow cold and the skies remain dreary, let's remember all that lies in store for those willing to wait--second chances, a clean slate, a new day.

Until the next time...


Cheryl Linn Martin said...

I wish we could go directly from winter to summer!

Spring is usually pretty rainy in the Pacific NW. Last spring was horrible!!! Water, water everywhere.

I'm still hoping for a little snow this winter!

Unknown said...

Cheryl.... I'll be back in Alaska in a little over two weeks. You should plan to visit me in Anchorage and I could show you all the snow up there! Alaska is absolutely breathtaking during the winter. Well, at least the mountains are... you know how sloppy city streets can get :-)

Cheryl Linn Martin said...

I'd forgotten you are in Alaska part of the year, Deborah. I bet it's gorgeous, and I'll be sure to let you know if I ever get it together to make a trip that direction!

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