Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Days!

All good things must come to an end. True enough, I suppose, but I'd prefer the old adage said, "All good things must come to an end, but more often than not, something even better is on its way." I don't suppose my version will ever catch on, but in my experience it's the truth.

We've moved from the Air Force base in Anchorage, Alaska, to a beautiful house in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. My experiences in Alaska were lifechanging and I wouldn't trade my four years in the Last Frontier for all the tea in China (or coffee in Brazil, for that matter). But it was time to move on, to get back to the lower 48, resume our civilian lives, and be much, much closer to our loved ones.

Since we're now a part of the "real" (versus "military") world, there are some adjustments to be made--nothing major, but you know how those old habits are hard to break! For one, we don't have to haul out our identification cards each time we enter the gate to the base. Secondly, we don't have the commissary to go to for groceries, but happily, we've discovered that the higher prices in Alaska (even at the commissary) make any significant price change in groceries a moot point. So, we have easy access to our neighborhood and stable food prices. Not a bad start.

On the writing front, things are hopping. My first book, Laramie on the Lam, is now in print and available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online sites. I'd appreciate it very much if you'd take a look at it and think about buying copies for your children or grandchildren. The holidays are right around the corner and Laramie would make a wonderful Christmas gift. (And don't tell the kids, but it's educational, as well as funny, wild, full of danger, bad guys, a loyal dog, and interesting places.) You parents and grandparents, as well as your kids and grandkids, will love it. I promise.

And finally, my adult Christian novel, Misstep, is in the process of being published too! I expect to be signing the contract soon and hope to have a tentative publication date at that time. Please stay tuned. I'm particularly pleased about Misstep because it was a finalist in the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel competition. While I didn't win, I did find my wonderful agent, Terry Burns of Hartline Literary Agency. I'm looking forward to lots of non-stop marketing of both Laramie on the Lam and Misstep, as well as finishing up the sequel to the latter.

Happy days are here again!

Until the next time...

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