Thursday, February 21, 2008

Making the switch..

The clock continues to tick and in about 48 hours, I'll be meeting Darice and Ron at a Cracker Barrel where they will "make the switch" with Richie. In other words, we're meeting about midway to save everybody involved a drive longer than absolutely necessary. Since we're in the middle of another ice storm here in Kentucky, I'm praying for safe, dry roads on Saturday morning.

Although I've been able to maintain this blog, contribute to the Christian Writers Forum blog, and email my loved ones from here, it's been difficult to sit down and actually write. A household with four cats, two young boys, a one-year-old baby, and two working parents (one working third shift) creates a noisy, sometimes chaotic environment in which to concentrate for any length of time. It's darned near impossible, in fact. I'm looking forward to getting back into the writing groove and resuming some normalcy in my life. I've grown accustomed, I guess, to having my days largely to myself, being able to do just as I please (when I please), and not adhering to the schedules of schools, babies, or places of employment. Call me spoiled, but I've reached a point in my life where doing what I feel like doing or what I'm inspired to do at the moment has become very important to my well-being--not to mention avoiding bronchitis, stomach bugs, colds, sinus infections, and big bruises from falling down in the kitchen at night. Frankly, I need to get home just to stay in one piece!

Making the switch from full-time grandmother back to full-time "me" might be a welcome change, but it's no substitute for little boy hugs and slimy kisses, for checking three beds at night to make sure everyone's covered up and cozy, or waking up before dawn to big grins and happy giggles. I'm going to miss this place.

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