Monday, February 11, 2008

Time well-spent

It's true what they say: Time flies when you're having fun! It's been a week since I've posted and those seven days have flown by. But we've been busy here in Kentucky and the past few days have been well-spent.

We held a combined birthday party this past Saturday for Hunter, who turned five on February 7th, and his baby brother, Cannon, who will turn one year old on the 21st. It was a gala event with lots of family members in attendance, two birthday cakes (both puppy-themed), colorful balloons, and presents galore. It was well worth all the preparation that went into it and even though the boys may not remember the specifics, they'll grow up with the full knowledge that their mommy and daddy love them so much that they'll go to great lengths to make their birthdays memorable. The same thing will happen when Dustin turns seven in May.

I've been so busy having fun with the boys that I've neglected my writing and this blog. It's always been my intention to use this personal blog to glorify the Lord in any way possible and when I neglect it, I feel as though I've lost an opportunity to tell of His faithfulness and love. The fact that I'm in Kentucky and capable of helping out with the day care for my grandsons is proof of His unfailing love. He knows better (even than I do) of my love for the boys and my need to be useful. I want to be the best mother, mother-in-law, daughter, sister, and grandmother I can possibly be, but sometimes money, distance, and time restrictions don't allow as much participation as I would like. This opportunity to spend a long period of time with the boys has truly been a God-send!

By the time my visit ends here in Kentucky, I'll be ready to go back home to Darice and Ron and resume my life there with them and the pets. I'll need some rest, no doubt, but I'm doing surprisingly well and I give all the credit for that to the Lord. He's given me all the strength I've prayed for. He knows how I want to appear to my grandchildren, i.e., thriving, useful, caring, capable and loving. I don't want them to remember me for my physical limitations (as invisible as they are), but for what I was able to do with them. I want them to recall how we played and laughed and worked together, how we shared jokes and told stories and cuddled. I want them to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that their Grandma Harper loves them (and their little cousin, Tyler) as much as I love their parents--and that God loves them even more!

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