Thursday, October 4, 2007

Back home in Mississippi

I'm back in Mississippi now. I left my newest grandchild behind in Michigan in the capable hands of his parents and upon my return, rejoined my daughter and son-in-law here on Columbus Air Force Base. Less than 24 hours later, Darice and I were on our way to Owensboro, Kentucky (400 miles to our north) to visit my middle child and her family. We squeezed in all the love and laughter we could for the next twelve hours and then returned with Dustin, 6, and Hunter, 4, for a two-week visit. Baby Cannon, now a little over 7 months old, is too young to spend any length of time away from mom and dad, but his big brothers will be with us for a total of two weeks while their school is on fall break. We're enjoying every single minute with them.

It was a bittersweet departure from Michigan, as I had a wonderful time with both my son's family and my sister and her husband. The memories will last a lifetime and I'm grateful for all their gracious hospitality while I was visiting. I'm looking forward to the next visit and I've barely unpacked my bags! Somehow, during the past thirty days, I've managed to visit my sister and her husband and four of their children, my brother and his wife, all three of my grown children, their spouses and all my grandchildren! That's not bad, considering we're scattered from Michigan to Mississippi via Kentucky.

Mississipppi is still hotter than the dickens and believe me, I'm more than ready for a change in the weather. When I left Michigan, the temps had cooled delightfully and the colors were already appearing in the woods and alongside the road. Here, fall takes its time coming, stays only a short while and disappears into a rather dull, albeit mild, winter. I must admit that I enjoy the warmer winters and early springtime weather here in Mississippi, but long for the colorful fall weather and the crisp, cold winters of Michigan. I never thought I'd hear myself say this but I even miss the snow! Perhaps Mississippi will break its no-snow streak and give us a few inches this year--preferably around Christmas time!

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