Sunday, October 7, 2007

Two kids and a kitten

It's been a busy week. With two little boys (and a new kitten) residing with us at the moment, the pace has picked up considerably from what this 3-adult family is accustomed to! But it's a wonderful busyness and a precious time for all of us.

Dustin and Hunter will be going home to Mom and Dad and baby brother Cannon next weekend, but Maple the kitten will be staying here with us. By the time the boys return to Mississipi to visit Grandma (me), Aunt Darice and Uncle Ron around Christmas time, she'll still be a kitten, but a longer, heavier and more cat-like kitten. Right now, she's a tornado with fur--a kitten phase I remember well when all our other cats were in the "I'm brand new to this exciting world and I can't wait to discover every little thing about it" stage. They're fun to watch, but coupled with the boys' rambunctious ways, we've been (oddly enough) completely exhausted when we go to bed each night.

We've divided our time between indoor and outdoor pursuits--playing with toys, games, cats (2 adults, plus the little one), a dog and a bunny indoors, and playing in the pool, on the playground and riding bikes outdoors. Why those two have not fallen in a heap and taken a nap right on the pavement is beyond me--it's certainly something I've considered doing! But God has graciously given me healthy, happy grandsons (and a kitten with equal energies) and I wouldn't trade a moment of the time we're able to spend with them for a good night's sleep or a quiet day. I can sleep any old time, but trading hugs and listening to "Grandmaw, Grandmaw" (they've got a wonderful southern drawl) a thousand times a day is something I won't be able to do once they're gone.

That is... until the next time!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! It's so real and straight-forward. God bless you, and what seems to be your remarkable family.

Linda said...

Your blog looks great. I got the address from Karen O'Connor-she is my mentor in CWG. I am also enjoying my grandchildren! I am originally from Gulfport, MS.

Unknown said...

Ms. Sade and Linda,

Thank you both so much for your comments! What a super lift to my day!

Blessings to both of you,

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