Sunday, October 28, 2007

Time to leash up

Fall has definitely arrived! After several days of relentless rain, overcast skies, and cool days and nights, we're back on track with sunny, blue skies and slightly warmer temperatures. Don't get me wrong--the rain was welcome and so were the cool days and downright chilly nights. They made "being inside looking out" just that much more enjoyable--I always think it's cozy to look outdoors at the rainy (or snowy) weather and be glad I can be inside where it's warm and welcoming. But crisp days and clear skies make walking around the base just that much easier (and drier) and that's exactly what I should start doing.

Down here, I put on the extra pounds during the summer months, not the winter, as do most people. The reason for that turnaround is that during the summer it's too hot and humid down here for me to get outside and do any walking; it's all I can do to gasp and grunt to and from the car once or twice a day. But when the nicer weather comes along--and we're definitely there now--I can walk with ease and breathe in the cool, crisp October air. That's when I get in my much-needed exercise--when I can breathe easily and walk with the newfound confidence that I won't embarrass myself by fainting dead away!

So after I do my computer work, I'll be leashing up Maestro, our black lab, and taking a walk around the streets of our neighborhood. Maestro will appreciate the added exercise--and so will my hips!

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