Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The suffocating heat and humidity just might be behind us for a while down here in Mississippi. We're looking at a high of 64 today--a cold snap in these parts--and not much higher for the next few days. It rained yesterday and it's been drizzling off and on out there today. It's a much-appreciated rainfall, however, as the streams, lakes, rivers and ponds are very low and the vegetation in dire need of moisture, so I'm sure there'll be no complaining. Besides, it's great fall and Halloween weather, all the more reason to stay warm and cozy.

Speaking of Halloween, we were "boo'ed" last night! The doorbell rang, but when Ron went to the door, no one was there. Instead, a Halloween-stickered gift bag was sitting on the porch and when we examined its contents, we learned we'd been "tagged" by a mystery friend. The enclosed poem told us that we were to spread the fun by "booing" two more families, anonymously and under the cover of darkness. Another piece of paper with "We've been boo'ed!" printed on it was to be attached to our front door, so would-be booers wouldn't inadvertently boo us a second time. The bag contained candy and Halloween-themed items--a kitchen towel, one of those long-handled candle lighters (and candles), stickers, and decorations. Since we had only 24 hours in which to spread the "boo," Ron and I jumped into the van and drove into town to buy our surprises while Darice continued to study for her exam today. (She pouted, but decided she couldn't take the time away from her studying to do the shopping. She'd help with the actual booing.)

An hour later, Darice, Ron and I were all in the van, driving around in the dark. After making sure our intended booees hadn't already been tagged, they sneaked up to their front porches, rang the doorbell, dropped the bag, and ran like crazy to the van which was parked a block over. Ron and Darice did the "sneaking, ringing, dropping and running like crazy" part (in the rain, no less), while I kept watch in the van. It was exhilarating and great fun for all of us; the difference was that they were soaking wet when we returned home and I was dry as a bone!

If all goes as intended, our two victims will each boo two more families and on and on and on, until theoretically, at least, the entire base will have been booed by Halloween! What a wonderful (and non-threatening) way to celebrate a time of year that's morphed in recent years into a season that's far from child-friendly. We can all have innocent fun without calling up demons or spreading the worship of anyone other than our Heavenly Father.

Thank You, Father, for neighbors and friends who think enough of us to sneak up in the dark, drop a bag of goodies, and include us in an innocent game of "Boo! You're it!" during this time of year. Please help us to celebrate Halloween with appropriate fun and festivities. In Your Precious Son's name, I pray. Amen.

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